How to Join a Full Quiver Buying Club

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Buying Club Locations - Click Here for Maps

  • Norfolk, Ghent
  • Chesapeake, Greenbrier
  • Newport News, Denbigh
  • Virginia Beach, Croatan, Alanton, Croatan, Little Neck...

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Currently, deliveries will occur every month. (subject to change) Ordering can be done online up until three days before the delivery date.

What is a buying club?
A way to get Full Quiver Farm products without having to drive all the way out to our farm in Suffolk. Our products are delivered to a hostess home near your home.

Is there a membership fee involved?
No membership fees. We do add a small delivery fee to each order that covers our mileage. This is a 6% additional delivery fee. (much less than the drive to Suffolk!)

How do I order?
You can order online through this link: Buying Club Order Form
Place your order as early as possible, but no later than 3 days prior to your scheduled delivery.

Where do I pickup?
You pickup at your designated hostess home on the scheduled delivery date. If you or a friend can not pickup your order on that date, please do not order. Our hostess has graciously allowed us to use her home as a drop-off point, and we want to respect this generosity. The hostess will keep your order in a large cooler that we provide, in her garage or storage area. Your items will be labeled with your name on them, along with a pre-printed receipt. Check with your hostess on logistics such as hours to pickup, etc.

How do I pay?
After you fill out the online order form, we will weigh out your order and generate an invoice. We will email you the invoice with a link where you can pay online with a credit card. (This is the only payment option at this time unless you work something else out with us).

What if I miss the pickup day?
It's very important to pickup your items on the scheduled day . Please do not order if you can not keep your commitment.

What if I have more questions?
Please address all questions to me.
We look forward to this opportunity to provide farm-fresh local food to our community.

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