Natural Clean Food Farming vs. Factory Raised Animals

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

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Full Quiver Hens

Full Quiver Farm Hens ranging

Standard Grocery Store
Factory House Raised Hens

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Full access to outdoors No Daylight
Eat Non-GMO Feed from Family owned Mennonite farm in the Shennandoah Valley of Virginia. Plus as much grass, clover, bugs, worms, and other forage as possible. Factory formulated feed
Birds breath in clean fresh air and sunshine. Visitors welcome. Huge metal buildings house birds that breathe in noxious ammonia fumes from concentrated manure that lead to eye and respiratory infections in the birds. Humans wear masks to enter facility.
No medications Routine medications
No mutilation of beaks required. Half of beak is cut off to keep hen from pecking at and cannibalizing her cage mates in such a crowded environment.

Full Quiver Farm Broilers

Factory Raised Broilers

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Full Quiver Farm Beef


Factory Feedlot Beef 

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 Full Quiver Pork

 Factory Farm Pork

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